Indian Cooking Tips: Make Street-Style Desi Chowmein With Leftover Chicken Or Paneer Gravy


It is a common story of every household – every day new dishes are prepared and every day we are left with unused gravies. So, what do you do with the leftover gravies of your paneer and chicken dishes? Do you dump them in the dustbin? Wait…give a second thought before doing so. How about using the same gravy to prepare some tasty desi noodles? Whenever we think of noodles, a very common taste of garlic, onion, veggies, and sauces comes in mind. This dish might not have any taste of that sort, but it surely will be mouth-watering.


How To Make Desi Chowmein With Leftover Noodles? Here’s The Recipe –

Serves: 1

Leftover gravy of any spicy paneer or chicken dish

Noodles- One-and-half cup (boiled and strained)

Garlic- Two teaspoons (finely chopped)

Onion- Half cup (finely sliced)

Tomato- One-third cup (diced)

Refined oil- Two tablespoons

Sugar- One-two pinch

Salt and Pepper- As per taste

Keep a kadhai or wok on high flame.

Pour oil in it.

Put sugar in the oil and fry the onions till they are light brown in colour and add some salt (sugar and salt give a good colour to onions).

Add garlic and fry till the onions are well caramelised, and the garlic starts releasing its amazing aroma.

Put tomato and fry all the three ingredients till they start releasing oil.

Now pour the leftover gravy in the mixture and sauté for a while.

When you see the gravy gets a bit thicker in consistency, mix the boiled noodles and saute it as well.

Put salt and pepper as per your taste and the desi chowmein is ready.

You must also know, if there are some leftover chicken or paneer pieces left in the gravy, tear them into small pieces and then mix with the gravy while making the chowmein.


From now on, whenever you have some leftover gravy of butter chicken or kadhai paneer or any other such rich dish, do not throw it. Use it to make street-style desi chowmein, with a twist.


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