Indian Snack Recipe: This Bite-Sized Papdi Appetiser Is Sure To Be A Party Favourite


When it comes to house parties, one of the prime highlights, other than music and gossips, is food. Good food can set the mood for any house party. If you are planning to host one at your place, we’re sure that by now you’d be wondering what to prepare; moreover, what different to prepare. While there are a plethora of party recipes to choose from, one has to keep in mind the palate preferences of everybody who is going to be present at the party, be it kids or adults. Therefore, one dish that is both mild on the taste buds but is incredibly flavourful at the same time is dahi papdi pops. If you’re thinking that this recipe is just like any regular papdi recipe, we’re here to pop the bubble.

The best part about this party appetiser is that it won’t take much of your time and effort. Just bring together a few basic kitchen ingredients and you’re good to go. This recipe involves zero cooking. Yes, you read that right. These bite-sized pops are very easy to make. Just step into the kitchen five minutes prior to when your guests are expected to arrive and assemble the ingredients given below to make delightful dahi papdi pops! You can also pack this delight in your kids’ lunchbox as it is a complete burst of flavours.

  • To begin with, add dahi to a bowl and whisk it till a thick and creamy consistency is attained. You can either use a hand blender or spoon for this. For this recipe, dahi shouldn’t be of dripping consistency as it won’t hold together the other ingredients perfectly. Better still, use hung curd for this recipe.
  • Now, take a plate and place papdi pieces on it. Take a spoonful of dahi and top it over each piece of papdi separately.
  • Once this is done, add two-three pomegranate seeds over the papdi along with one cashew nut each.
  • Gently drizzle tomato ketchup over the papdi pieces and you’re good to go. You may sprinkle a bit of chaat masala to add a tang to the recipe.

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