Interesting mango recipes to try this weekend!


The summer season is here and it’s that time of the year, when happiness is in the air! Right from the bright sunshine to pleasant evenings to breezy nights, summers are no less than a blissful experience. Well, if you are a foodie, then this season is just way too special for you as it’s the “Mango” season.

Sweet, tangy, juicy and indulgent no amount of words can actually define the love for this seasonal fruit.

For any mango lover, this season is no less than a celebration and why not, when there are so many variants available in the market and every variant has a unique taste and flavour. So, to further take your love for mangoes up by a notch, we curated a few interesting mango recipes that you can try this weekend.

Mango Pista Panna Cotta

A perfect fusion delight prepared with the goodness of fresh mangoes, pista, milk cream and sugar. This exotic delight makes for a nice after meal delicacy, which can be prepared easily at home without putting in much efforts. The layers in this recipe give you that perfect balance of taste. The recipe is just a click away.

Mango Popsicles

Don’t just buy rather try! Yes, have you ever tried preparing popsicles at home, if not then here’s a simple and easy way to make your favorite mango bars at home that too without putting in much efforts. You just need a few ingredients in place to prepare it.

Mango Mousse

Who doesn’t love indulging in a mousse. No matter how you make it, mousse is not just a sweet dish rather it is an experience. So, imagine mangoes adding on to this experience with their amazing taste. Sounds drool-worthy, we bet this simple recipe will be your favourite. Moreover, you can add your own twist of ingredients to make it more interesting.

Mango Rasgulla

This sweet dish needs no introduction, this authentic Indian sweet is the heart and soul of every lavish meal. This recipe is just a fusion of the age old rasgullas prepared and soaked in the goodness of mango pulp. Not only does this sound amazing, preparing it is just so simple that your loved ones will praise you for your excellent culinary skills.

Mango Mint lassi

Imagining summers without lassi is just impossible! So, we thought of sharing this simple and easy mango lassi with the hint of mint! sounds indulgent, right! You would be amazed to know that this is very easy to make. and can be an instant hit in any party. You just need a few ingredients in place and your perfect Indian thirst quencher is ready.

Mango Sorbet

This frozen dessert will make you fall in love with its amazing taste. This simple recipe is a melange of a few ingredients and is prepared with the goodness of mangoes, lime juice and sugar. Frozen to perfection this delight tastes amazing after a nice brunch. So, serve it and impress your guests with your culinary skills.

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