Is coconut oil good for your teeth?


A smile can make your day, and sail you through the millions of problems you face everyday. Not only does your smile make you look beautiful, but at the same time it amps your personality. But have you ever wondered, what makes a smile so beautiful– its your teeth!

A healthy and beautiful set of teeth is undeniably, the best gift of God. However, to retain this beauty, good care is needed, which often becomes difficult due to the hectic life and health conditions. What if we told you that even if you don’t have time to go treatments to take care of your teeth, your coconut oil can do it for you!

Well, it’s true that coconut oil works wonders for hair care as well as skin care, but at the same time it is amazing for your teeth. Read on to know more about it!

Enriched with the goodness of nature, coconut oil is extracted from coconut meat (the white extract), which is a great source of saturated fats. This is what makes it so high on calories. Coconut oil has high amounts of medium-chain triglycerides, which are present in the form of lauric acid. This acid has multiple benefits for the human body. After the consumption or application of coconut oil our body breaks lauric acid down into a compound called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin are effective in killing harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the body.

According to research, it was observed that the antibacterial properties present in coconut helps in stopping the growth of bacteria and virus in mouth and helps in fighting against gum infections and tooth decay.

How coconut oil helps!
We often don’t pay heed to our eating and drinking habits, which often lead to tooth and gum issues. However, reversing mild issues with remedies is always possible, but it is always advised to seek medical help, initially. Moving on to gum health, issues like plaque formation and gingivitis of gums can often wreak havoc on your overall health due to the pain and discomfort. Thereby affecting your digestive health. Applying coconut oil can easily slow down the plaque build up and fight against the development of any type of infection.

In fact, application of coconut oil can gradually help in fighting tooth decay and prevent bone loss. The presence of the components- streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus bacteria in the mouth can trigger tooth decay. Thus the daily application of coconut oil can work wonders in fighting such tooth diseases. However, in severe cases one must seek medical advice and then opt for natural remedies.

So, keep smiling!

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