Is it No-Shave Quarantine?


With the lockdown and no salons open, it is a tough time for men, who prefer to keep that neat look.

‘Where are we going to shave?’ they ask. Some have decided to take it up as a challenge and have not shaved or trimmed their beards.

Goverdhan has decided to keep his beard till the end of quarantine. “I don’t have to attend work these days since we are asked to stay indoors, so it doesn’t matter if i shave or not. Omkar Prabhu planned to keep a beard but since the lockdown he decided not to even trim or shape it. Irish Viegas tells us, “I had shaved just a few days before the lockdown, now that there are no barbers to go to, what I’m supposed to do? So I decided not to shave. My folks have also given up telling me to shave.”

Imran Sayed tells us this was an opportunity he didn’t want to miss. “I always wanted to keep a beard and somehow I couldn’t, and this is a chance for me to do as I wanted.”

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