Is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy?


A good cup of tea can fix everything! A good cup of tea is just like a breath of fresh air, which breaks the monotony of life. From celebration to frustration, this hearty blend is the solution to everything.

Tea is a great stress buster and a mood lifter, but is safe to have during pregnancy as it is one of the toughest phase in a woman’s life, where she goes through terrible mood swings, appetite crunch and a constant feeling of nausea and sickness. Well, pregnancy brings with it a wave of happiness for the family, but it also brings with it a lot of stress and agony as every moment is crucial for the expecting mother and keeping a check on diet becomes essential.

No matter how mindful you are about pregnancy, tea is something many women drink around this phase, but is it safe for the mother and the baby.

Tea and pregnancy!

Since ages, this has been a matter of debate. For some people, tea is a lot more than a drink rather it is a part of their daily routine. Even during pregnancy, some women drink tea to fulfill body’s need for ample fluids around this time. However, most experts feel that it helps as a natural remedy for pregnancy related issues.

“There is no harm in taking tea during pregnancy, one can take it once or twice a day. But looking at the scenario, where we are struggling to stay safe from the deadly Covid-19, I would suggest taking Herbal Tea made at home. During Pregnancy, the mother and the child’s immunity becomes weak, especially to sustain a virus attack. Hence it is a great idea to take immunity boosting herbal teas at least 3-5 times a day,” says Dr Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynecologist at International Fertility Centre.

Possible side effects

Tea is a magical blend, but it also comes with its own set of cons. During pregnancy every issue in the body is heightened. In fact, it becomes essential to keep a check on the metabolism during this time as a slight imbalance can be dangerous for both the mother and the child. Hence, limiting the intake of too much caffeine is the best way to satiate your urge of drinking tea.

Lactose intolerance

Many women suffer from issues like bloating, acidity, acid re flux during this phase and too much consumption of tea made with milk can simply aggravate these issues. So, if you feel you are lactose intolerant, then you can go for herbal teas, but make sure you choose your tea wisely as some herbal teas also have side effects and so before you go for something consult your doctor.


During pregnancy the body’s need for fluids increases and that’s how a warm cup of tea can help in calming the pain and mood swings caused due to the tough phase. However, one must mindfully add things to diet during this phase as a slight imbalance can turn into a big problem, but as far as tea is concerned going for herbal teas and limiting the consumption is the key to stay healthy.


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