Is your sleep ageing you?


A good sleep is always co-related to healthy skin, but what if it’s doing the opposite! Our sleeping positions can take a toll on the skin and cause acne, wrinkles. The signs can be puffy eyes, acne and flatter cheek only on one side. The way we sleep truly reflects on our look and the position can affect the skin.

We got in touch with Dr. Kiran Lohia, Celebrity Dermatologist, Lumiere Dermatology to highlight the skin problems caused by wrong sleeping positions:

How does sleeping with a pillow affect your skin?

Sleeping on your back is always a good way to sleep. Maintaining the 20-30-degree angle allows better fluid drainage in the body. However, many choose to sleep on the side or on their stomach. This pushes the face into the pillowcases, which has bacteria or even the creams or any product we have used on our face. The best solution is to clean pillowcases on a frequent basis, as it can cause zits or even rashes.

How does sleeping on your stomach affect your skin?

Many people love to sleep this way, but it’s the worst way to sleep for anyone. As when we sleep, our skin needs to breathe. This position pushes the whole face into the pillow, which obstructs the skin’s follicles. This causes clogged pores, acne, and lines. We don’t allow enough circulation in this position, the pressure also causes puffy eyes and under eye bags. Your facial structure gets pressed against pillow every night for 8 hours—that’s a lot of pressure for your skin. Eventually, this position can make your face flatter and trigger wrinkles. To avoid all this, one should not sleep in this position.