Italians Want Americans To Stop Messing With Their Food; This Twitter Account Is Proof


Italians are known for their passionate temperament. When it comes to food, all countries and cultures express a sense of pride in their gastronomical heritage and its unique characteristics that sets it apart from the rest of the cuisines of the world. But if a certain twitter account is to be believed, Italians take their love for food to the next level and are seemingly indignant at the slightest hint of a deviation from their traditional recipes and preparations. ‘Italians Mad At Food’ is a page that documents the various colourful ways that Italians express their disgust and disdain for foreign cooking methods. The account curates the screenshots of Italian reactions to food videos on various social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and needless to say, the results are hilarious!

The account was reportedly started after the admin started noticing a pattern of a host of angry comments on Italian food videos made by popular U.S. recipe video pages. The bio of the page says, “if you don’t care about how we cook stick to your Burgers and Leave our dishes alone”, and shows their location as “wherever pasta is oppressed”. The comments would, more often than not, be filled with colourful phrases and expletives insulting the food and American cooking methods employed in preparing classic Italian dishes. They indicate that Italians are just distraught and want the world (especially the U.S.) to know that they do not take the crime of messing around with their food, lightly.

Humans have a very personal connection with what they eat and we each experience a dish in a unique way. This is why it is capable of invoking passions and heated debates about what is the ‘right way’ of preparing a certain dish. Well, if we have learned one thing today, it is that ‘hell hath no fury like an Italian who has witnessed their food being messed around with’.

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