Jackfruit flour can help in controlling diabetes: Study


When it comes to diabetes, people try to get a hold of the disease by switching to healthy eating habits. A well planned diet, along with ‘diabetes friendly’ foods can indeed help in controlling sugar levels. One such fruit is jackfruit. Loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, potassium, iron and magnesium, jackfruit is a storehouse of nutrients. Jackfruit has a low glycemic index which makes it a good substitute for wheat flour.

Excerpts from the study

According to a study published by the American Diabetes Association, jackfruit flour brings down glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c), fasting blood glucose (FBG), and postprandial glucose (PPG).

The study included 40 participants with type 2 diabetes (T2DM), who were given 30 grams of green flour made from jackfruit for three months. The rest used regular wheat or rice flour to make rotis or idlis. At the end of the study, which was approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), it was found that people who mixed flour in their idli batter or wheat dough showed improvement in their plasma glucose levels.

Jackfruit flour for diabetics

For people with diabetes, who crave their favourite food items but have to keep a check on their sugar levels at the same time, jackfruit flour is here for you. From burgers to pizza dough and idlis to many other delish dishes, you can try several recipes with jackfruit flour. It is rich in dietary fiber and makes the digestion process smooth. People also use jackfruit flour and mix it with their usual flour to give a tasty yet different twist to their breads, cookies and even rotis.

James Joseph, the founder of Jackfruit 365, owns a company which sells frozen jackfruits. His startup recently received a National Startup India award, in the category ‘Food Processing’ for his new product, green jackfruit flour.

“In a casual interaction with a diabetic priest, he mentioned how he had substituted traditional rice with unripened jackfruit, and after a few days, his insulin intake lowered. The fibre helps food digest faster and reduces blood sugar levels. This gave birth to the idea of making jackfruit an integral part of people’s diet,” James mentioned in an interview with The Better India.

How to make jackfruit flour at home
Sun dry jackfruit seeds. Dry roast them slightly in a pan. Remove the other thin shell and discard it. Chop the seeds and grind.

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