Long working hours can give you hidden hypertension, claims a study


New Delhi: Heart diseases are the leading cause of death, all around the world. Heart diseases like heart attacks, failures, etc. Heart conditions like high blood pressure are the main cause that triggers such diseases.

A new study has found that long working hours could also be behind the heart condition of high blood pressure or hypertension. Office workers who spend long hours on their job are at a high risk of high blood pressure, including a type that can go unnoticed during routine checkups, according to the study.

The study, published in the journal Hypertension stated that hypertension affects nearly half of Americans who are of age 18 or older. It is a primary factor in the 82,000 deaths caused due to heart problems, every year.

The study found that working 49 or more hours each week was linked to a 70 per cent greater likelihood of having hidden hypertension, and a 66 per cent higher risk of sustained hypertension, elevated blood pressure readings in or out of a clinical setting. On the other hand, people working 41 to 48 hours each week were linked to a 54 per cent risk of hidden hypertension, and 42 per cent risk of sustained high blood pressure.

The study took into consideration variable factors like job strain, age, sex, education level, occupation, smoking, status, BMI, and other health factors.

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