Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s love for Chicken Butter Masala and more


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who announced his retirement from international cricket on 15th August is popular for his distinct style and passion for cricket which leaves behind a trail of outstanding records.

But many of us are not aware that 39-year-old Dhoni is a foodie and his passion for food reflects in his Twitter bio too, which reads, “perennially hungry for chicken butter masala”.

If reports are to be believed, he once mentioned in a press conference that his food habits have changed since he made his debut in Indian cricket in 2004. His early days used to be about butter chicken, naan, milkshakes, a lot of chocolates and soft drinks. But with time and the need to be fit in his game, he had to sacrifice all his love for food.

According to sources, during matches Dhoni used to indulge in wholesome breakfast which included porridge with fresh fruits, nuts, and a glass of milk. Like a true Indian food lover, he used to keep the lunch totally desi and preferred roti, dal, mixed veggies or chicken to meet his daily nutrients requirement. Being a chicken lover, his evening meals used to be dominated by chicken varieties in the form of soup, sandwich or even boiled preparations.

His on-the-go source of energy during matches and practice sessions used to be protein drinks and fresh juices that used to keep him hydrated and energized throughout the day.

When he was at the peak of his career and was extensively involved in endorsements too, there was a rumour that he used to consume five liters of milk every day. While we still don’t know how far it was true, he is surely said to be a fan of dairy products like milk, curd, chaas and other products.

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