Monsoon tips: Take care while consuming these foods to keep infections away

Since monsoon brings along infections and flu, it becomes important to take care of one’s diet and boost the body’s immunity.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of monsoon? Rain, yes, but also garam chai and munchies like pakode, right? While its true that the two are somewhat synonymous, it should be noted that the season also brings along infections and flu. Which is why it becomes extremely important to take care of one’s diet and boost the body’s immunity.

“This also means that there are a few certain foods that are best avoided during monsoon. The digestive season does not work in its full capacity during the rainy season, with the digestion process further slowing down due to consumption of uhealthy ad fried snacks. This can lead to digestion issues, bloating or an upset stomach, explains dietician Jasleen Kaur.

To help you keep fit this rainy season, she suggests a few food items that can lead to infection and hence should be avoided:

1. Vegetables

Even though they are considered to be extremely healthy, green leafy vegetables should be consumed with care in this weather as the increased humidity levels makes them a perfect breeding ground for germs. Germs are mostly found in vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower and it can be difficult to spot them. Hence, taking care to boil them or repeatedly rinse them before consumption is advisable.