OMG! See how Donald Trump’s hair changed post election loss


He just suffered a historical loss from the hands of Joe Biden, who is all set to become the next President of United States of America, and Donald Trump seems to have taken it to heart. Well, the 45th President of the world’s most powerful country was spotted looking rather different from his usual self recently. Well, in his first public address post the election loss at White House’s Rose Garden, Trump was seen sporting silver strands, instead of his much talked about blonde hair.

Guess this is the only time he forgot to pay attention to his hair. Earlier, a report publish in the New York Times even suggested that Trump spent USD 70,000 charge on personal hairstyling “for television” as business expense in 2016, allegedly during his The Apprentice days.

Trump’s hair have made more news than anything else in these few years, in fact there came a point when people starting believing that he wore a toupee, something he totally denied and was proven wrong when popular TV host Jimmy Fallon actually dared to give his hair a nice massage to check on him.

Well, with his recent appearance proving that Trump has stopped dyeing his hair to the trademark yellow-golden hue, tweeple can’t stop joking about what has become of the business tycoon turned President. Here’s a look at some hilarious tweets on Trump’s new look!

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