Oscars after party to host a 70 percent vegan menu this year!


It’s pretty interesting to see how new trends spread like a wildfire, one such trend, which is changing the dynamics of the culinary world is veganism. Now, this trend is all set to hit the Hollywood glamour industry and change the way they party.

Oscars are around the corner and preparations are in full swing. After the Golden Globe, the Oscars after-party is geared up to host a 70 percent vegan menu. The growing popularity of plant-based diet is all set to change the menu. However, last year also the Oscars after party menu had as good as 60 percent vegan foods.

The special Academy Awards menu is being curated by Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck. He recently spoke to the media about experimenting with many classics and going for more plant-based delicacies for the special super. The menu will have a galore of dishes from various cuisines. The menu will have the best of exotic and classic dishes like Hunan eggplant, Moroccon vegan couscous, vegan ceviche and pastas. Apart from that, the menu will not replace the steaks and a few other classics, but at the same time will have a lot of mushroom-dishes, truffle, and vegetables.

The popularity of vegan menu has been appreciated by many and the excitement around it is pretty evident. Lois Burwell, Academy Governor said, “I personally am very relieved and thrilled because it sits well with Academy’s sensibilities and conversations that are happening now.” Last year, we were 60 percent plant-based and vegetarian on the menu and this year it is 70 percent; which isn’t a reverse but adaptation, Burwell added.

Cheryl Cechhetto, Event producer of the Academy Awards also agreed with Burwell and expressed, “There’s so much that we have been doing years and years, I think there is awareness, out there, right now.” The plant-based food may have increased 10 percent, but it’s been significant, she remarked.

Executive Chef Garry Larduinat spoke about the challenges of the vegan menu as it will be tough to bake without milk, butter and eggs. However, there are several alternatives to it and almond milk or oat milk can make for a nice alternative. What’s More, according to the chef earlier there was a horchata chocolate bar on the menu, which was originally non-vegan, but the kitchen team plans to replace the use of milk and cream in it with oat milk to create the same taste. Oat gives a nice nutty flavour to the chocolate and will make it taste even better.

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