Prepare your skin for winters with these essential beauty products


With the summer season gone and winter approaching, the transition phase (read autumn) is the right time to change your skincare routine for the cold weather. During this transitional phase, our skin starts getting drier and flaky and that’s why one must swap and add some essential products in the daily skincare routine. Here’s a list of beauty products you need to use in this season:

Face Wash
During the summer & rainy season, one tends to use a face wash which is drying and meant for oily skin. It is now time to move to a face wash that is either meant for dry or sensitive skin or a face wash that has very little soap content in it. Look for hydrating cleansers with ingredients like aloe vera, which can help and soothe the skin.

Moving on to the next important part of your skincare routine is moisturiser. Autumn is a good time to pick a thicker moisturiser. It will help to plump up your skin & keep it well-hydrated. However, make sure the moisturiser is non-irritant & non-comedogenic. Thicker moisturisers tend to can lead to acne, so choose the ingredients wisely.

Add a lip balm
Using a lip moisturiser can help you to take care of your lips, as they can get extremely dry in winters. Even hydrating with petroleum jelly can help to keep your lips soft.

Don’t skip the sunscreen
With summer gone, a lot of people would feel like sunscreen is not mandatory but the sun is always out there and is always affecting your skin. So, make sure you don’t skip using sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

Try a night cream
At night, using a good product with vitamin C would be great. Instead of serum, one can use a Vitamin C cream, which can help to nourish and repair skin at night.

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