Reduce anxiety and improve mental health with these 3 Yoga poses


New Delhi: Mental health needs our attention just as much as physical health does. However, while we do recognise problems with other physical health as diseases, disorders and problems, the societal norm has never been to term mental health problems as the same, and handle them the same way. Fortunately, the stigma around mental health issues is reducing, and people are becoming more vocal about it. A healthy diet and exercise help to keep our body healthy and the mind is a part of the body. An all-inclusive package like Yoga can help to make our body and mind healthy, leading to better physical and mental health.

Yoga not only helps you lose weight or get in shape, but it also helps to calm your mind, reduce stress levels and helps increase mindfulness. If you suffer from anxiety, be it regular anxiety or the kind that may need medical attention, Yoga can be one of the ways to treat it and manage it better. Here are three yoga asanas that can help you manage your anxiety issues.

The tree pose (Vrikshasana)

The tree pose, also called the vriskshasana helps your mind to concentrate on your body and your soul, be mindful of it, and take away the attention from whatever is triggering your anxiety. The tree pose also helps attain more physical balance.

To perform the tree pose, stand straight with your feet shoulder-apart, and your hands on your sides. Lift your hands slowly while breathing in, and join them at the top of your head. With the next breath, lift one leg and place the feet on the knee of the other leg. Hold the pose for 10 seconds, or till whenever you can. Breathe out and go back to the initial position.

The child pose (Balasana)

The child pose or the Balasana helps you concentrate better, and relax your mind. It helps you concentrate your attention on your breathing and stay more in the moment, that be anxious about something else.

You can perform the child pose by sitting on a yoga mat on your knees, breathe in and bring your upper body to meet your knees. Hold your feet with your hands for better support.

The corpse pose (Shavasana)

One of the most underestimated Yoga poses, the Shavasana or the corpse pose can work wonders for people with anxiety. It is a great pose to meditate in and should be used to end the yoga routine. Breathing softly, and focussing your attention on your body can really help calm you down.

To perform the pose, all you have to do is lie down on your back, close your eyes and breathe.

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