Salman Khan’s 54th Birthday: Here is how you can get six-pack abs and body like the birthday boy


New Delhi: Salman Khan, the popular Indian movie star, everybody’s Bhaijaan, and one of the most celebrated and loved actors of the Bollywood industry celebrates his 54th Birthday on 27 December 2018. When he made his debut in Maine Pyaar Kia, everyone saw the sweet, cute, innocent-looking chocolate boy, but later when he danced to ‘O, O Jaane Jaana’ without the shirt and with his six-pack abs, he had women drooling over him, not just for his cute face, but also for his fab body.

Every boy in the neighbourhood wanted to be Salman Khan, in 1998, wearing his signature bracelet, and nothing has changed almost twenty years later, nor has Salman’s fabulous body. Young men still aspire to be like him – copy his walk, his way of talking, and his body and want to know the secrets behind his fit body, even at the age of 54!

Weight loss is the first step to six-pack abs

To ensure that you get six-pack abs, the first step is to ensure that you are not overweight. You can only work on the abs, if you have a flat stomach, to begin with. For the same, work out a weight loss diet where you can include foods like broccoli, good fats, fewer carbs and more fat, to lose the excess weight and reach the point where you can start building abs. You can also indulge in a good cardio workout to lose empty calories that you gain during the day.

Regular workout is the key

There is no short-cut to six-pack abs. You need to work out regularly and practice proper training to be able to get abs like your hero – Salman Khan. Workouts that focus on your core are really important for abs. You should start with exercises like crunches, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. and go on for more intense exercises and most importantly, make sure you are regular with these.

Increase your protein intake for muscle building

For abs, one of the most important components of a diet is protein. Plan your diet around an increase in your protein intake. Chicken breasts, low-fat milk, protein shakes, etc. are a good source of protein. Other desi food items rich in protein are lentils and beans, and dairies like curd and buttermilk.

High-intensity training can help you get six-packs

Apart from the low-intensity workouts like crunches, push-ups, etc., you need to include some high-intensity training workouts in your gym routine to get abs like Salman. You should slowly increase the intensity of your workouts, and not go overboard with it either from the beginning.

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