Should you have milk on a weight loss plan?


Milk is a great source of calcium and protein and is considered to be an essential part of a wholesome diet. But is milk good even when you are trying to lose weight? Here’s the much contemplated answer:

Nutrients in milk

Milk contains calcium, which keeps the bones and teeth healthy. It is also rich in protein, which is required to build and repair tissues.

Calories in milk

A cup of milk has around 150 calories as its naturally high in sugars (lactose), which contributes to the overall calorie count. Flavoured milk available in the market is even higher in calories due to the extra sugar present in it.

Milk and weight loss

1. Milk is an excellent source of protein and we all know that proteins are the building blocks of a healthy body and they have a major role in regulating the hunger hormones. Protein keeps your satiated by increasing the levels of your satiety hormone, thus making you crave less.

2. Calcium apart from being crucial in building teeth and bones can help in weight loss too. According to studies, calcium and vitamin D helps the body burn calories by increasing metabolism.

3. The high amount of vitamin B3 in milk can help you maintain weight and improve your energy expenditure.

4. As protein takes longer to digest, it induces feeling of satiety. When you feel fuller, you binge less.

5. Some recent studies have revealed that milk has conjugated linolenic acid that helps in burning fat.

6. Milk contains good fat that is essential for the lubrication of the bones and maintaining good muscle mass, which makes your body stronger.

Milk and weight gain

Milk can lead to weight gain only if it contributes excess calories to your existing diet. The weight gain caused by milk will not be due to the nutrients present in it but as a result of your extra calorie intake.


There is no problem in drinking milk or any other dairy product but one should try to stick to the lower-fat versions. A cup of low-fat milk only has 86 calories. Always prefer having unsweetened regular milk as it has less calories than the flavoured ones.

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