Simple tips to take care of your lips this summer


Maintaining smooth, hydrated lips is a must during the summer season. If your lips become dry, spend some extra time in your routine and exfoliate them with a mix of a little sugar and olive oil. A lip pack (yes, like one for the face) made of a ripe banana, a teaspoon of sour cream and a few drops of honey is helpful to keep lips hydrated and soft. A mixture containing gram flour, honey and lemon juice is an alternative.

Our lips need equal care like our body. Just like a skincare ­regime, you need to have a lip care ­routine too. Here are some steps on how to go about it:

Sugar Lip Scrub

Take 1 tbsp of honey, sugar and olive oil. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl for a thick consistency. Apply this mixture onto your lips. Gently massage the scrub on your lips and wash it off with lukewarm water and promptly apply a lip balm to secure the moisture after exfoliation.

Lip Balm

Lemon can be a naturally available alternative to a lip balm. Apply 1 tbsp of lemon juice in 3-4 drops of coconut oil on your lips, every day before bedtime. Leave it on overnight. Lemon helps reducing darkness and pigmentation.

Massage your lips

Massage your lips regularly with milk cream or yoghurt to lighten the lip colour. This also helps to keep lips moisturised. You can use a mixture of crushed rose petals and milk cream to get pinker lips.

Protect from sun

Make sure to use a lip product that contains a sun protection element or SPF which can protect lips from drying up and darkening.

Summer also calls for a burst of colour and just because you’re home sheltering, why limit yourself from sporting bright, cheerful colours on your lips? Especially with work from home, zoom calls, and virtual dating, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sport the colour(s) of the season and perk up that pout. From punchy corals to peachy nudes and deep fuchsia, put your best-face-forward with lipsticks in different textures – from matte to cream to gloss.

Shades such as Berry Red, Electric Magenta, Dark Raspberry are some of the trending shades for the warm weather while nudes, corals and the classic pinks are always in, to uplift your mood, regardless of how you feel within and without.

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