Singaporean calls Chai & Parle-G combination amazing, internet gets nostalgic


In the month of June, we had published the news that how Pagle-G saw a sudden spike in business during the lockdown and Mayank Shah, category head at Parle Products has said in a statement that, we’ve grown our overall market share by nearly 5%… And 80– 90% of this growth has come from the Parle-G sales. This is unprecedented.”

Well, the statistics surely speak that Parle-G is a biscuit brand that mostly Indian loves.

But, if we tell you that it is equally loved by foreigners, will you believe it? Well, we have got a proof. It came as a tasteful surprise to Indian users on Reddit, when a citizen of Singapore expressed his love for the biscuit.

The post was shared on the official sub-Reddit r/india, by a user named u/ZRudd97. In no time, the post was garnered with nearly 7k likes and hundreds of comments.

The user had mentioned, “I remember trying this in India while having tea with some friends and it’s amazing. Found it in a local store here and bought like 10 packs of it. This is my all-time favourite from now on,”

The sweet gesture was well received by Indian Reddit users and they couldn’t help but share their love for the biscuit in the Reddit thread.

A user commented on the thread, “Indian here who studies in Singapore. Could you tell me where? I’m also missing this.”

While another user wrote, “Only with experience you know how long to dip it in your chai.”

Another excited user from the US commented, “I’m from the US, never heard of these, but these just peaked my taste buds. I just placed an order from Amazon. Thanks for posting this.”

If we go by the official release of Parle-G, it became the comfort food for many during the lockdown; and for several others it was the only food they had on them. This is a common man’s biscuit; people who cannot afford bread – buy Parle-G.

Do you also love Parle-G? Let us know in the comment section.

(Image credit: Reddit post by the user)

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