Sonam Kapoor’s two beauty secrets will make you go ‘aww’


She’s the real fashionista of Bollywood, the harbinger of anything stylish and besides that she’s the true Indian beauty, who loves to surprise her with different looks every now and then. And, when it comes to Bollywood babes with the most flawless beauty, Sonam’s name appears right on top. The diva is a firm believer of following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. But, Sonam denotes her beauty to two things and she took to Instagram recently to spill the beans about the same.

According to Sonam, her beauty secret is “love and fresh air”. Well, hubby Anand Ahuja is surely responsible for Sonam’s beauty, isn’t it? When requested by fans to share her skin care routine, Sonam revealed, “Vitamin C, lots of water, sunblock, take out all my make-up and sleep.”

Sonam also shared a few tips on how she gets rid of her dark circles. “Concealer because I have genetically dark eye circles so I have no foundation on my face and that is what my skin looks like without any make-up on,” said the stunner.

The 34-year-old actress also shared which foundation or concealer she uses. “It depends. I think as Indians we don’t have a lot of foundations that match our skin tone so I tend to mix a lot of foundations together and in concealers as well, it’s hard to find with peach undertones,” added Sonam.

Besides this, the actress thinks beauty sleep is actually a thing, well your body increases blood flow to the skin while you take a nap, which means you wake up to a healthy glow.

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