South Indian couple pairs Lucknowi Tundey Kebabs with plain rice, netizens feel heartbroken


When it comes to regional food, foodies on the internet are extremely sensitive. It is believed that every regional food has its style of eating and should be relished in a similar fashion. But, bizarre pairing and fusion culture has spoiled it all. While some of us do it intentionally, there are people who end up pairing foods unintentionally. A similar case was witnessed on Twitter recently when a South Indian couple paired Lucknowi Tundey Kebab with pain rice.

Shared by user @spadjay , the tweet garnered more than 1.5k likes in no time. In the tweet, she revealed how her in-laws, hailing from Lucknow, had sent over some Tunday Kebab paste for her South Indian parents. And her parents ate them with plain rice and poriyal (sautéed vegetable dish). She further mentioned that her spouse was left ‘horrified’ with the combination.

We all know that Tunday kebab is a signature dish from Lucknow, which is best served with Roomali roti or Laccha paratha along with condiments such as fresh onion rings and mint chutney. Hence, as the tweet was shared, netizens went crazy and started expressing their reaction to the weird combo of kebabs and rice.

The comment section saw a mixed bag of opinions. While some agreed that curd rice and kebabs actually taste delicious, others had a tough time accepting the combination. And then, there were users who shared hilarious anecdotes revealing some really weird food accidents and combinations that they witnessed. Have a look at the reactions:

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