Suffering from sleep disorders? Try these 5 teas to induce sleep naturally


The claustrophobic urban life often leads to several lifestyle disorders that too at early ages and most of us ignore them assuming that they are circumstantial issues and do not require much of an attention.

However, what we often don’t realise while maintaining the pace of life is that this mere act of ignorance can lead to some major lifestyle issues and one such challenge is dealing with chronic sleep disorders also known as insomnia.

Well, there are several ways to deal with such lifestyle affected disorders, but one of the easiest ways to cure such disorders is by popping a sleeping pills, but it isn’t the best most sustainable solution as it can impact your body in several ways in the long run.

According to some experts, increasing the activity level and going for a healthy diet can help in curing as well as preventing several lifestyle issues but is that the only way. Well, we have found some ancient tea remedies that have amazing sleep inducing properties.

Here a few teas you can indulge in before bedtime:

A good sleep is as essential for a healthy body and mind. According to a few studies around 40 percent of people deal with various sleep disorders, which further lead to obesity, diabetes and various other lifestyle disorders.

Since ages there were many remedies to induce sleep and one of the most popular blends were herbal teas. Made with a fusion of ingredients, these herbal teas are popular beverage choices in terms of health and relaxing and rejuvenating.

Chamomile tea

Since ages this flower extract based tea has been used for its amazing healing properties, which is known for calming the nerves and inducing sleep. The presence of an antioxidant called apigenin in chamomile tea, helps in relaxing the nerves and inducing sleep. Also, drinking chamomile tea regularly can improve the quality of sleep.

Lavender tea

These beautiful flowers are a powerhouse of umpteen health benefits. Lavender extract can induce sleep and so does lavender tea. The nerve calming aroma of lavender helps in treating anxiety and other sleep related disorders.

Lemon Balm
Another herbal tea that can induce sleep and decrease the anxiety caused due to insomnia. This aromatic tea helps in relaxing the brain by managing the GABA also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid, a type of neurotransmitter.


Valerian root leads to an increase in sleepiness as there is a surge in the level of neurotransmitters called GABA. A few studies suggest that herbal tea made using valerian root can make you fall asleep very quickly and will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Passion Flower

Last but not the least, this herbal flower tea helps in reducing the anxiety level and improves the quality of sleep. This natural sleep inducing tea is prepared using the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the passiflora plant.

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