The only diet that can keep your brain healthy for years


Our brain is the most important organ in our body. Our brain regulates all the other functions and metabolic processes including our heartbeat, breathing, digesting of the food and everything else.

The cognitive decline can be accelerated or delayed by several different factors. But our diet is the best shot at preventing cognitive disturbance for a long time.

The study
According to a new study published in the Journal Alzheimer’s and Dementia, a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive oil and nuts, dramatically reduces one’s risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases later in life.

According to the same study, the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk of cognitive impairment but not slower decline in the cognitive function.

Another study conducted for almost 10 years found that people who adhered closest to the Mediterranean diet enjoyed the highest cognitive function throughout the observational study (10-year window).

Mediterranean diet is specifically defined as habitual consumption of whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fish, olive oil and reduced consumption of red meat and alcohol.

Routine fish intake was associated with higher rates of cognitive functioning and the lowest rate of decline over time.

Though scientists are yet not sure how the Mediterranean diet helps the brain. The diet has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, which may in turn also reduce one’s risk of dementia risk.

On the other hand, a typical western diet (red meat, sugar, salt, fat, refined grains) has been associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk, contributing to faster brain-damaging.

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