The Pizza Langar organized to serve protesting farmers is winning the internet


Someone has rightly said that where there is a will, there’s always a way. These words of wisdom were recently turned into reality by a group of five friends from Amritsar, who wished to organize a langar but didn’t have much time to prepare food. So, they decided to buy regular-sized pizzas from a Haryana mall and set up a stall at the Singhu border.

If we go by the report, around 400 pizzas were distributed within minutes as a huge crowd, including the protesting peasants and residents from nearby areas, queued up.

As soon as the videos of this unique langar surfaced on social media, called ‘Pizza Langar’ it made headlines and garnered compliments from across the country.

In a statement to PTI, Shabir Singh Sandhu, one of the organizers of the langar said, “The farmers who gave the dough for pizzas can also afford to have one themselves.”

Shabir is a farmer and an economics student at Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar and he felt that this was needed to make the farmers feel loved and cared for in a country, where they work day in and out to feed the masses.

The farmers have been protesting at several border points into Delhi for over two weeks over their demands to repeal the new legislation, which they claim would benefit the corporates, and end the traditional wholesale markets and the minimum support price regime.

Also, the idea was to change people’s perception and make them try something beyond regular dal and roti. And that’s when the idea of serving regular-sized pizza came to these friends and they thought to serve it to the farmers to keep their spirits up.

On one hand, social media was flooded with appreciation, and one the other hand there were people calling it totally unacceptable that farmers are having pizzas.

“Few people just cannot digest that a farmer can have a car, wear good clothes and have a pizza. The farmer has moved on from dhoti-kurta to jeans and T-shirt,” the 25-year-old student told PTI.

According to the organizers, the trend that started for a noble cause, will now get better and bigger with time. It can be pizza or burger or something else.

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