These THREE cheese types are best for weight loss


Due to the saturated fat present in it, cheese is not considered a healthy food for weight loss (unless of course you are following keto). But science says having cheese when striving to shed some kilos is actually a good choice.

Cheese is high in calcium and has a number of health benefits. Rich in protein and phosphorus, it helps in digestion and promotes gut health. Cheese increases the satiety and wards off the craving for unhealthy food.

However, not all types of cheese are good for you when you are aiming to lose weight. It is important to choose the one that is full of nutrients and is low in fat content.

Here are the three best cheese you can choose from :

Cottage Cheese
Good old cottage cheese or everyone’s favourite paneer is best to have if you are trying to slim down. Packed with protein, cottage cheese gives you 50 percent of the daily recommended protein intake. A whole cup of cottage cheese contains approximately 163 calories.