These two giant garlic cloves are breaking the internet and how


Garlic is an inevitable part of Indian cuisine. From enhancing the flavour of recipes to controlling insecticides and for immunity boosting, it is used in many ways and comes in various shapes and forms. While it is hardly celebrated for its magic in the kitchen, recently, it became the talking point on the internet and guess why? A Twitter user shared an unusual shot of garlic, which was giant in size and took the internet by storm.

The picture was shared on Twitter by the user @monyeeart, who wrote a funny caption for it and in no time it went viral. At the time of writing this article, it has garnered nearly 331k likes and over 63k retweets.

While many netizens trolled her and questioned if the garlic was real or an illusion, as the girls’ palm looked too small in the shot, others shared their surprise at the giant cloves of garlic, saying that there is always some room for garlic.

If we go by the retweets and comments, it is not the regular garlic we consume at home; it is a different variety of garlic, which is also known as ‘elephant garlic’. According to users, the elephant garlic is milder in taste and when used in cooking it gives the taste similar to that of leeks.

Have a look at what people, had to say about the giant garlic.

If you know where exactly this variety is found and the best way to use it, let us know in the comment section below.

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