This café in Prague has come up with a coronavirus shaped dessert!


A café in Prague, Czech Republic, has come up with a unique idea to get back in business which got seriously affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the world still struggles to cope up with the pandemic, which has claimed millions of life all over the world, a coronavirus shaped dessert invented by ‘The Black Madonna’ has become an instant hit among its customers.

The Black Madonna, which is located at Prague’s historic centre used to be bustling with the happy faces of its customers, many among them tourists. As Europe became one of the worst affected continents by the coronavirus pandemic, tourism came to a complete halt. Additionally, Czech Republic turned into the country battling one of the highest rates of coronavirus infections in Europe. Because of this, a nationwide lockdown was imposed, which meant that The Black Madonna had to shut its doors for an indefinite period.

It was during the lockdown that Olga Budnik, the creator of the dessert came up with the idea of making a coronavirus shaped dessert. In conversation with an international news organization, Olga remarked: “I found a photo of the virus on the internet, and I figured out in detail how to make the dessert – how to make the spikes, what the colour would be like, and I prepared it all.” While describing the dessert, Olga mentioned that it is slightly smaller than a tennis ball, with a chocolate crust and dusted with cocoa butter spray. The virus’ “spikes” are made of white chocolate and dried raspberries. Inside there is pistachio filling with raspberry puree and raspberries in the centre.

The dessert has become an instant hit among the customers with sales of more than 100 each day and rising. As per the café’s marketing manager Vojtech Hermanek, “The coronavirus crisis has meant a huge drop for us, in tens of per cent, like for other gastro enterprises. But at the same time, it was a chance to bring out the coronavirus cake which is a symbol showing that not everything is lost.”

Upon being asked about her plans for any new creation, Olga, a Ukrainian living in Prague for the past six years replied that it will be a COVID-19 vaccination-themed sweet which should taste of citrus and liqueur. She further elaborated that “It will be lots of lime with a bit of alcohol”.

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