This Coffee Concoction Is The Perfect One To Brew This Winter


If you are a coffee lover, we are pretty sure you won’t entertain anything at hand before grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee is one of the most popular caffeinated beverages around the world and has made a niche for itself with multiple flavours and avatars. The aromatic brew can be relished in classic ways like cold brew, hot brew, cappuccino and much more. But now people have started to experiment more with the popular morning drink and bizarre concepts like raw egg coffee, ghee coffee and mushroom coffee have started to emerge.

From turmeric latte to ginger coffee or a cardamom-based hot brew, the trend of spiced coffee has been embraced by people across the globe, especially in India, the land of spices. Indian households are almost always stocked with spices such as elaichi, ajwain, kesar, haldi, adrak, tej patta, dalchini, etc.

1. Boosts Immunity: Spices such as turmeric and cinnamon are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties respectively, both of which help boost the immunity levels.

2. Relieve Stomach Cramps: Green cardamoms or choti elaichi is especially beneficial for those who face acidity since it counters excessive stomach acid and relieves cramps.

3. Fever-Reducing Properties: Spices like pepper have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and fever-reducing properties that further help strengthen the immunity.

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