This High-Protein Khichdi Is Nothing Like Anything You Have Had Before, See Recipe Inside


Picture this: you have eaten a plateful of Hyderabadi dum biryani for lunch and in the evening your friends are insisting you to accompany them for pizzas, you come back home and find a tub of butterscotch ice-cream in the freezer. You are full but you tuck into it anyway. Now, we don’t know about you, but we are highly unlikely to pick anything even remotely greasy or heavy next day. In times like these, a bowlful of hot khichdi with a bit of pickle and papad serves as a light and satiating option. India’s favourite comfort food, khichdi, is a lentil-and rice based dish that is often tempered with mild spices. It is often teamed with ghee in several different parts of the country. There are different kinds of khichdi too like sabudana khichdi, palak khichdi etc. But have you ever heard about oats khichdi? Yes, you heard us. If you thought they were only good for a wholesome breakfast, you are wrong. Oats are magnificently versatile. Oats are replete with health benefiting properties and can be used in making several delights. You can use them in baking and even cook some delicious snacks using them.

Benefits Of Oats Khichdi

Oats khichdi is a yummy, mushy and filling lunch option for those who are looking for some high-protein and easy vegetarian ideas. Protein is called the building block of life. They help build muscle. Eating protein also help induce feeling of fullness. If you feel full you would naturally binge-less. Protein also helps curb cravings since it regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin. After a bowlful of oats khichdi, chances of you loading up on anything greasy or fattening are rather low.

Oats are also super rich in fibre. Fibres take a while to breakdown and digest completely. Since it stays in your system for so long you do not feel like tucking into anything fattening and heavy soon after. 

Alongside oats, the khichdi also packs the goodness of moong dal (which is one of the best sources of plant-based protein). The recipe does away with carb-dense white rice. Many experts claim that people who are on a weight loss diet should limit their white rice consumption as it is associated with weight gain. Other power-packed ingredients of this recipe are cumin seeds, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, carrot, green peas, tomato, and ginger- all of which are known to rev up metabolism naturally.

Here’s a delicious recipe of oats khichdi recipe by chef Ritu Uday Kugaji,, you can team it with yogurt for a sumptuous experience.

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