This is how you refresh your look in less than a minute!


While there are many basic skincare habits that you must maintain while at home, there are some hacks that can give your look a quick boost. These beauty tips can do the trick in just 60 seconds. We’ve got you a list of tricks that are shared by some top industry experts. Use these when you wish to amp up your look in less than a minute.

– Brush up your brows: If you want to l put together a look in a short span of time, you need to groom your eyebrows in just a few seconds. The key face-framer is your brows, so make sure you brush them up. Fill in light or empty spots if any with a brow pencil and comb the hair with a brow tool.

– Make a quick DIY cleanser: Dull and drab complexion can be changed in less than a minute by sprinkling baking soda into your regular cleanser. Adding this ingredient to your face wash will enhance the exfoliation process and give your skin a natural and fresh glow.

– Tame your hair with a hairspray: Flyaways and frazzled fringe can make you look shabby. For a smooth finish, spritz an industrial-strength hairspray on your flyaways. It tames your stray air and also acts as a smoothing element. This way you can also avoid getting your hands sticky while using hairspray.

– Nourish your skin from within: You can add omega-3 supplements to your beauty routine for a quick skin-smoother. It has the ability to delay skin’s aging process to prevent wrinkles. Check with your doctor before you add any supplement to your regimen.

– Part with flat hair: Flat and stringy hair can make really dull down your whole look. You can add major volume to your hair with just a pinch without going under the scissors. For this, you need to simply swap your part from the left side to the right side or vice versa. Switching parts will automatically give your hair a great volume.

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