This Madurai tea shop serves tea in edible cups


In August 2018, we informed you about edible spoons that an entrepreneur from Vadodara, Gujarat makes and in no time became an internet sensation with his innovation. In the same league, now a Madurai tea shop has introduced edible cups made of chocolate biscuits and they look delicious.

According to media reports, this is another step in the direction of eco-friendly products, where plastic cups are being replaced with such innovative items.

These edible cups are made of chocolate biscuits, priced at ₹20 and each cup can reportedly hold 60 ml of hot tea for 10 minutes. According to those who have tried, the duration of 10 minutes is enough, as it is the maximum time one takes to finish the specific amount of tea. Located on West Masi Street of Madurai, the tea shop is also known for its own variety of tea called, R S Pathy Nilgiri Tea.

According to reports, the shop has sold at least 500 cups since opening first on 15th June and keeping the popularity of cups in mind, they are planning to introduce more flavours of cups soon.

Recently, netizens posted about this unique cup of tea, which offers the taste of ice cream cone and chocolate biscuit too. According to users, it’s a safe, hygienic, environment-friendly and zero waste value product that is a must-try.

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