This vintage Chinese ‘Teapot’ found in a garage cleanup is worth Rs 1 Crore


If you believe in destiny and mircale, you will surely connect with this real life story, when a man in the UK recently found a vintage Chinese ‘Teapot’, during garage cleanup at the time of Coronavirus lockdown.

The UK man was dusting up in a Midlands garage when he found the imperial possession and was clueless of the real worth.

In a tweet, the Hanson Auctions UK has mentioned that the 18th-century Beijing-enamelled flask which resembles a teapot is worth tens of thousands and is also estimated that the 15cm piece of art is a priceless possession.

In a statement, the owner of teapot has mentioned that the extravagant piece of art belongs to his grandfather, who was a soldier during World War II.

He has also mentioned that the teapot was kept as a décor item in a cabinet in his house 20 years ago, when his mother was alive. Later it was boxed up and shifted in the loft of the garage and he was planning for long to give it away to a charity shop.

According to Etwall Auction Centre, the teapot treasure dates back to the Qianlong period (1735-99) and is scheduled for an online auction that will take place on September 24 and it has been stated in a press release by the auctioning authority that two identical teapots are kept in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Palace Museum in Beijing, China.

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