Tips to keep your skin oil-free in summers


Summers are just around the corner and so is the problem of oily and sticky skin. The season is even worse for people with oily skin, as their oil-emitting capacity doubles up. You must take care of skin in summers, along with keeping it oil-free as it becomes the most prone to sunburn during this time.

Here are a few tips to help keep your skin oil-free and keep dirt and germs at bay during summer season:

Use a lighter moisturizer

The first and the foremost step to take as you step into the summer season is to switch to a light moisturizer. Contrary to winters, summers require a light moisturizer to keep your face healthy. You must not ditch it completely, as no matter what the season is, your face would still need its daily dose of moisture. You can hunt out for oil free moisturizers according to your skin type, which are available in abundance in the market.

Tone down your beauty routine

It is best to ditch your heavy makeup in peak summers, if you do not want your face to cake-up. Just wash your face regularly in the morning and punctually apply a good sunscreen. Avoid scrubbing your face, as it can make your face oilier. You can use lipsticks and eye makeup, but you must slow down on foundations and concealers.

Cleanse face thrice a day

You must make it a habit of washing your face with an oil-cleansing face wash at least 2-3 times a day. Wash your face in the morning, then during mid-day when you feel it becomes too oily. You must also cleanse your face before going to bed, in order to get rid of clogged and dirty pores. Always carry a small facewash wherever you go, so that it becomes easy for you to wash your face anytime.

Carry blotting paper

In case you cannot wash your face at different times during the day, you can always stick to blotting paper. Always carry a blotting paper with you when you are out and use it in case your face becomes too oily. Just tap it on your face gently and the stickiness will go away in a jiffy. You can easily get a face blotting paper from any drugstore or makeup store.

Use oil soaking face masks
There are several face masks available in the market which helps you get rid of excess oil on your skin. You can use multani mitti or sandalwood face masks, twice a week, if your skin is too oily. These masks will not only help you in keeping your face oil-free but will also help in cooling and calming down your face.

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