Understanding the frizzy hair and taming it


You may have spent hours in front of the mirror doing your hair to get that perfect look for your date but minutes after you step out of the house, your frizzy hair might have ruined it all giving you a messed up appearance. It’s not you alone facing the menace of your frizzy hair – frizzy and flyaway hair is one of the most annoying problems faced by men and women around the globe, no matter what type of hair they have. Such hair also pose great difficulty when you are trying to create a hairdo. But here’s a look at some tips on how you can tame frizzy hair.

Let’s understand the cause of frizzy hair

Frizz is caused when hair is dry and lacks moisture. In this situation, the cuticle layer of the hair is raised allowing moisture to pass through, causing the strands to look frizzy. When the weather is humid, the problem increases as the hair keeps taking moisture from the hair, causing flyaway hair. However, there are can many other reasons that cause dryness and lacklustre hair and that eventually, lead to frizzy hair.

Common mistakes people make that cause

The hair care habits people should follow to avoid frizzy hair

After hair wash, you must apply the leave-in conditioner or serum. This will help you to tame flyaway.

The hairstyle you can try with frizzy hair

After applying serum in your hair, put your hair up into a bun or top knot. Top knots are a great option for frizzy hair as they are supposed to have a messy and casual look

Products that should be avoided by people with frizzy hair

When buying hair products, always try to avoid products that contain sulphate and alcohol as both substances have the tendency to strip natural oil from the hair and can make them look dry and frizzy.

Beautiful shiny hair can help you leave a good impression and having that perfect hair is unachievable. By simply following these tips and tricks, you can have smooth and healthy-looking hair of your dreams, while leave an ever-lasting impression on others.

With inputs from Meer Hamdare, Zonal Technical Manager from Streax Professional

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