Vampire gal to scary clown: Here are make-up tips to get your Halloween look right


Halloween is here and if you plan to head to a home party or just want some dress-up fun at home, it’s important to get the look right. Make-up experts share a few key looks that go with the costumes.

Goth gal: Where lace meets lurid


This is one of the most popular looks. Make-up expert Amrin Mukhi shows a step-by-step way to get it. She says, “Create a flawless base with a matte finish. I suggest going a shade or two lighter for the scary, pasty look. Apply a lighter shadow all over your eyes, below your crease. Blend in a sultry purple wrapped in hues of earthy brown in the crease and the outer corners. Complete the look with a beautiful winged liner and wispy falsies. Now, get super creative and go wild with your gel eyeliner and create a beautiful web on one side of your eye. Finish the look with beautiful crystals in the web and lace in your hair for the extra spooky drama!”

Scary joker


Next up on the popularity charts is the eerie clown…remember Pennywise from the film, ‘IT’? Amrin shares how you can look the same. She states, “We all love to hate the Joker, don’t we? The easiest way to create the Joker look is to grab a colourful, curly, crop wig with a black gel liner, red liquid matte finish lipstick and a white base colour. Mix the white base with a tiny touch of gray in a mixing palette. Apply this all over your face with a stippling brush. Set it with loose powder. Create bold shapes with black gel liner around your eyes, starting from the eye sockets and ending it over your brows. Use a liquid red matte lipstick to line the waterline and create loud shapes around your lips and of course, the signature red nose. Create wild lips and voila, it’s done!”

Black widow


Another costume inspiration is from ‘Black Widow’. Make-up expert Krishna Manek explains how to get the look. She says, “To start, apply an aqua moisturiser and bright foundation, followed by translucent powder. Apply any good bright, red lipstick on the eyelids, majorly on the outer corner and drag it outside with red powder shadow. Use a heavy mascara and smudged liner to go with it. Dab on a black lipstick or add a gel liner to your dark brown lipstick to make it black and it apply on the lips. Now apply a golden-bronze eye pigment with the help of a earbud on the inner side of lips to give that pop on it.”

Vampire girl
Want to go as a bloodthirsty vampire? Here’s how the scary look can be done. Says make-up expert Jalpa Trivedi, “The look isn’t tough to get. Begin with a primer followed by a concealer then foundation, mixed together, and apply this all over face (use one tone brighter). Dab on a bright compact on that to seal the base. Apply any grey eyeshadow on the socket area and blend it well on the lash line till the outer corner. Use the same shade on the lower lid line area. Finish the look with a nice, bright red lipstick.”

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