Video: Chicken Momos – How To Make This Street Food Delicacy At Home (With Momos Chutney)


Soft, succulent and juicy, chicken momos are one of the great evening snacks to munch on throughout the year, don’t you agree? Soft dumplings stuffed with minced chicken paired with red hot chutney (sauce), chicken momos have travelled the farthest of all foods. As per the food connoisseurs, momos trace their roots to China, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet, and now various places in North India have adopted it like their very own. But have you ever wondered how these momos are made or what goes inside these yummy delights? If the answer is yes, then we will tell you how to make chicken momos step-by-step at home.

Momos are basically dumplings, which are steamed in a momos steamer. If you don’t have momos steamer, then you can also prepare them in idli maker. This traditional Nepalese/Tibetan dish, resembles Chinese baozi and jiaoz but is different from momos that we eat. What makes momos really soft and juicy totally depends on how they are prepared and what ingredients are used. For instance, if the dough is fine and fresh (and of good quality), your momos will be soft and succulent. While the stuffing should be minced well and flavoured with ginger or garlic. Before we say anything further, we leave this to the expert to tell us how to ace the art of making momos.

Food YouTuber, Alpa Modi on her channel ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’ has shared her recipe of chicken momos along with momos chutney recipe.

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