Viral: Can you imagine enjoying a lavish Ice Cream Sundae Worth Rs. 73 lakhs?


Can you imagine gorging on a giant ice cream sundae worth $100,000(Rs.73 lakhs)? Well, most of us will freak out at the worth of this giant ice cream sundae, but this American YouTuber – Mr. Beast has taken the internet by storm by sharing a video of relishing this lavish sundae. The video instantly caught the attention of netizens and garnered over 30 million views ever since the video was posted.

The luxurious affair!
The American Youtuber- Jimmy Donaldson also known as Mr Beast is known for his love for voguish indulgences from expensive wines to delightful foods, his larger than life expeditions are loved by netizens but this lavish ice cream sundae stirred up the netizens to witness an exquisite affair. Earlier the youtuber was talking about his own burger restaurant, wherein he paid people to enjoy his classic burger creations.

What’s more? This lavish $100,000 ice cream sundae has been created with some of the most expensive delights. According to the chef, each ice cream ball costs over $100 to make, wherein the chocolate was imported from South America, which was made with chocolate barks costing $500 each. From candied peaches to strawberries from Japan dunked in age-old wine to a wild huckleberry sauce, and a $45,000 butterscotch sauce. The total bill of the order was around $1,70,878.24 with a $20,000 tip. Will you be spending so much for this lavish affair?

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