Want to quit smoking? These foods will help you do it easily


It is tough to quit smoking, but as they say quitting something addictive needs strong determination. Well, it is easier said than done as for an active smoker quitting can actually influence and impact your mood, but it helps in saving you from so many ailments and life threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease, lung diseases and cancer.

Although eating will not solely help you quit smoking, but to a certain extent it helps in diverting your mind and controlling the excessive desire to smoke. Interestingly, taking the first step towards quitting smoking can be difficult but you can simply start with keeping track of your diet and your eating habits.

Smoking impacts your taste as well as your habits and this is why the first step towards leaving this habit should start from managing lifestyle and dietary patterns. During the smoke cessation period adding more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet can help in building the much needed resistance in the body. However, going for a healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein sources, dairy or other calcium sources, nuts and seeds can actually give your body ample strength and will also improve the metabolism. Apart from that, cutting down on high carbs and calories can also help in the process of leaving the habit.

Foods that help in quitting the habit

It is not completely possible to control the urge of smoking just by changing dietary habits, but even the slightest change can help you take that baby step towards a big transformation. These foods will help in improving your mood as well as to quit smoking.

-Fresh fruits and vegetables





The first thing is to add these foods to your diet and change your regular pattern of eating and whenever you feel hungry or crave for a smoke, replace it with fresh fruits, veggies, mints or gums. Keeping gums and mints handy can help you divert your mind and leave the urge to smoke.

Apart from that, quitting smoke can often lead to weight gain, thus eating healthy becomes important as it helps you manage the weight rather than adding on to your weight. Moreover, we often overeat or divert our mind towards eating junk, which again is a bad practice when it comes to quit smoking. So, go for a healthy diet, add foods that give you ample nutrition and are less on calories as all these things will help you get back on a healthy track.

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