Watch: Chef Kobe cooks his birthday lunch, internet is showering love


Cute Chef Kobe took social media by storm with his cuteness and cooking skills in 2020! It’s his innocence and cuteness that made his cooking tutorials and eating videos an internet sensation in early 2020. The little chef turned 2 on Thursday and like all his posts, his birthday video became the talk of the social media world. Kobe shared a video of him preparing one of his favourite lunches for his birthday. He cooked a super delicious cheese chicken wrap and it looked super delicious. Watch the video here:

The video post reads, “It’s my birthday but that doesn’t keep me out of the kitchen, I want to share with you one of my favorite lunches! Spinach, hummus, chicken, and cheese topped with everything but the bagel seasoning all wrapped up!!! & don’t worry, my knife isn’t sharp.”

If we go by early reports, his Instagram account is managed by Kobe’s parents Ashley and Kyle Wian.

The parents also shared some birthday special pictures of the kid enjoying his ‘birthday pancakes’.

In February 2020 he posted his first video and in no time became the sensation of the food world on Instagram. If you had a tough day, we suggest you watch Kobe’s food videos and we bet you will enjoy it. Have a look at his cute and interesting food videos.

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