Watch: This Healthy Pav Bhaji Recipe Is The Perfect Dinner For Your Family


Healthy isn’t the first word that comes to mind when we think of the drool worthy street food dish pav bhaji. For instance, the bhaji is cooked in oodles of butter to give it a flavourful edge. The pav, too, is butter-coated. The entire dish itself is essentially associated with being unhealthy and fattening. Although street-style pav bhaji may not be at the top of the ideal list of healthy foods due to all these reasons; our delicious home-made healthy pav bhaji recipe is here to change that.

This delicious pav bhaji recipe is healthy for multiple reasons. Firstly, the recipe utilises only a teaspoon of oil and just four cubes of butter to grease the pan and get the vegetables cooking. Further, the vegetables added to the delicious and healthy pav bhaji include wholesome ones such as lauki (or bottle gourd) along with the usual potatoes, onions and capsicum. An additional layer of health is added to the bhaji with generous amounts of chopped beetroot. This lends the bhaji a vibrant red hue and also gives it a number of health benefits.

Bhaji is also a great way to make use of leftover vegetables in the kitchen; after all, it’s essentially just a mishmash of vegetables. The fact that this healthy pav bhaji is cooked in minimal oil and with so many different vegetables also makes it a wonderful lunch or dinner menu. So next time you’re struggling to think of what to make that’s nutritional, tasty and delightful all in one – try this healthy pav bhaji recipe. It will surely leave your family asking for more, every time!



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