Weight loss: An easy mid-day snack idea you can make while working from home


New Delhi: The coronavirus lockdown has forced all of us to work from home. While for some people, it is going really well, others are finding themselves worried about their fitness and diet. Boredom is really getting the best of them, and they find themselves eating, even when they are not hungry. Other people who are very busy with work, cannot find the time to cook and are binging on packaged snacks, or two minutes noodles for their mid-day snack. If you are one of those people, here is a mid-day snack idea that you can make within minutes, and it is also healthy. This snack won’t lead to weight gain, and may, in fact, aid weight loss. Sooji Cheela – Weight-loss friendly mid-day snack

  • To make sooji cheela, take one cut of sooji and add it to a mixing bowl. Add 1/4th cup of besan to help the batter hold together. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum or any other vegetables that you would like. Add salt, according to taste. Add a green chilli finely chopped. Add red chilli powder, but it is optional.
  • Mix all the ingredients well and then add water, a little at a time. Add enough water to give the batter a runny consistency.
  • Heat a pan on the stove, preferably a non-stick base. Add a few drops of oil to grease the pan. Take a dollop of the batter, and put it on the pan, flattening it.
  • Once it is cooked on one side, flip it and cook it on the other.
  • Serve hot. You can serve the cheela with green coriander chutney or ketchup.

How the mid-day snack can aid weight loss Sooji is known to fill you up, and it will help to curb appetite. The cheela can also be eaten as a healthy breakfast. Veggies and minimum spices are a great way to have a light but healthy snack. The vegetables add fibre and nutrition to the snack. Chutneys, apart from being tasty, as also very digestive and will help to keep stomach problems at bay, and aid in weight loss.

The best part about the snack is that you can make the mix in the morning, when you prepare other meals. This will help you save time between work and will only take 5 minutes to cook and eat the snack. Make sure you do not mix water in the batter, and only do so when you have to cook the cheelas.

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