Weight loss: Avoid eating these ‘healthy’ snacks


What is the number one contributor to obesity and weight gain? Mindless snacking and midnight binging! We all know how tempting snacks are to eat but so costly on the waistline! In a way to avoid the extra calories and slim down, we tend to make the switch to the ‘healthier’ variants. But do you know, they aren’t actually healthy for you and in fact, might make you put on the kilos, without realizing.

There are two absolute snack variants you should be steering clear of if you are trying to lose weight:

1. Salted nuts and dry fruits

Eating nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews, and even peanuts can supply you with plenty of nutrition, vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and copper. And, they are technically thought to speed up your weight loss but you can fall prey to one big mistake. Most of us like to snack on nuts-especially the salted, packaged version. They are even packaged as ‘low-fat’ snacks but they hide behind a lot of sugar and salt content in them. Simply, choosing a packet which says, ‘healthy’, ‘roasted’ or ‘flavoured’ usually contains added ingredients to it which mask the actual nutrients from the nuts and seeds. In a similar way, diet snacks are not the best option to eat. Plus, packaged products also go through stages of preservation and also contain traces of refined flour, trans fat, and oil which is just plain bad. So, if the label reads ‘baked’ or ‘non-fried’, don’t fall into the trap easily

2. Multigrain chips

Eating chips can give you a big bad belly, right? And the worst are potato chips (or so we thought). Just to suppress our cravings and eat healthily, many of us are guilty of eating multigrain or whole-wheat variants which are thought of as ‘low in carbs’ and ‘high in nutrition’. You will be surprised to know that none of these claims hold true. In fact, you are actually deriving your nutrients from the wrong source if you eat them often.

Most nutritionists recommend this and attest to the fact that while multigrain variants are definitely better than salted, buttered potato chips, your body will do you a favour if you extract the nutrients from the actual sources (like rice, quinoa or even millets). Plus, experts say, the whole theory of mindful eating goes down the drain when you eat these chips. Just because you think you are eating healthy, you can go overboard and eat more than you actually should, killing all of your attempts to lose weight in an instant.

What more can you do?

Trying to stay healthy while on a weight loss mission can be harder than you think. Simply buying products which say ‘low-fat’, ‘diet’, ‘high-fibre’ or ‘multigrain’ can fool a lot of customers into believing that they are making a healthy choice. Always check the label and know what you are buying.

Remember, if you snack the healthy way, you can always see a transformation in your results and do your body a favour by giving it the nutrients.

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