Weight loss: Foods you should eat and avoid before a run


Running is an excellent form of exercise to relieve stress and improve overall health. It is easy, cheap and you can fit it easily in your busy schedule, as per your convenience. But apart from running shoes, and fancy activity trackers, you need to be very cautious of what you eat before your run. You cannot go for running on an empty stomach nor can you do it after a heavy meal. The right amount and the right type of food are very necessary to reap maximum benefits from your running schedule. You should always eat fresh food, rather than eating whatever is in your refrigerator.

Here are some basic guidelines you must follow:
1. Do not eat carbs
Avoid carbs at all cost before going for a run. There are a lot of carbs stored in your muscles and you don’t need any extra amount. If you are going for a small run in the morning, eat something that is easy to digest like oatmeal or a banana

2 Stay away from fiber and spicy food
You surely do not want stomach cramps and use the washroom in an emergency while running. So, it is better to limit your spice and fiber intake before your running schedule. Having fried, spicy and high-fiber food items can irritate your stomach and make it difficult to complete your run.

3. Keep yourself hydrated
Drink enough water to enhance your performance and health. Even if you choose not to eat much in the morning, make sure you drink enough water. You can have a glass of fresh fruit juice, green tea or lemon juice in the morning.

4. Eat foods that can help you run longer
You can only complete your target if you have enough energy. Eat whole-grain bread, avocados, beetroot, spinach to run longer. These food items are anti-inflammatory and the healthy fats present in them help to lubricate the joints. Even beetroot is excellent for a runner as it produces nitric oxide in the body, which helps to boost a person’s performance.

Here are a few food items you should avoid:


-Apples and pears

-Cheese or red meat

-Avoid caffeine in large amounts

Here are some food items you can add in your diet:
-Banana and almond butter

-Whole-wheat bread

-Oatmeal and berries

-Toast with avocado

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