Weight loss: Four times when it is STILL okay to drink alcohol


This isn’t any secret that drinking alcohol leads to weight gain. The fuzzy drink full of calories can put all your weight loss efforts at a halt if not consumed in a mindful way. Alcohol stops your body from burning fat, it contains high amount of calories, it can make you feel hungry, and in the end you may make poor food choices. All these factors are more than enough to make you realize it is best to stay away from a glass of wine at the dinner table or a pint of beer while hanging out with friends over the weekend. Your weight gain surely depends on the quantity and quality of the hard-drink you consume, but the time when you sip your drink also has a major role to play.

So, if you are someone who is trying to cut down the belly fat and cannot resist indulging then here are four best times to pick up a glass of drink for yourself:

When you are eating veggies
In a social setting, people mostly drink and eat a lot. They forget to keep a track of the amount of food and drink they are having, which is not a good thing to do. But if you are out with your friends and cannot say no to drink then have a glass of wine but be careful of what you are ordering to eat. Plan ahead and order a platter of veggies. This will prevent you from having the unhealthy bowl of chips and will also help you drink in a controlled manner. Even while going out with friends, choose a restaurant with healthy menu options.

At the dinner table
It is important to be mindful while eating and drinking. Experts suggest one of the best times to enjoy alcohol is during mealtimes. Alcohol does not send the same physiological signal of satisfaction to your brain as other foods and beverages do. Drinking in between mealtimes will make you consume less and you will stay away from unhealthy food items. Also once you will be full you will not drink too much alcohol.

When mixing your own cocktail
It is important to remember that the quantity of alcohol you are consuming also matters when trying to lose weight. So if you get a chance to make your own cocktail then just grab it. Bartenders pour portions that contain a lot of calories, which can be harmful to you. Also, soda and tonics are high in calorie count. When making your own drink make sure to use less sugary beverages and practice portion control.

Hanging with light drinkers
It is best to drink with light drinkers. Drinking too much in one sitting can put you at the risk of several diseases. If you find it difficult to control yourself when drinking with heavy drinker then volunteer to drive the car. This way you will drink less. Try to go out with friends who rarely drink.

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