Weight loss: Here is what one day of binge eating does to your body


The incorporation of cheat meal in the diet has become a popular trend among fitness enthusiasts from some time now. In a way, cheat meals are considered good when trying to lose weight as it helps to keep people motivated. But a lot of people trying to lose weight follow a strict diet on six days a week and binge eat on fatty food items on the seventh day, thinking that doing this one day would not have any impact on their body. But as per a new study published in the journal Nutrients, one day of binge eating on high-fat food items can mess up your body and weight loss efforts.

The study
The researcher recruited 15 healthy volunteers and asked them to eat whatever they want in their lunch including high-fat foods like sausage, fried eggs, burgers, and cheesecake. They measured their blood sugar level before and after the feast to see if there was any fluctuation.

It was found that having fatty food one day can decrease the insulin sensitivity of the entire body by 28 percent. Insulin sensitivity is referred to how sensitive the body’s cells are in response to insulin (a hormone that allows cells to absorb blood sugar and use it for energy).

When your insulin sensitivity decreases, the body may need more and more insulin to absorb the blood sugar. Your pancreas might not be able to meet the body’s demand for insulin and as a result excess blood sugar will begin to build up in your bloodstream, which can lead to prediabetes or diabetes with time.

The result
The result of the study clearly indicates that just one day of overeating fatty food items can put you at the risk of developing diabetes and can even mess up your weight loss effort.

Bottom line
However, the findings do not show in an elaborate manner the health implications of having fatty food on one day. It is true that having a cheat meal is good when trying to lose weight, but it should be done in a mindful way. Munching on fatty food is not only bad for your weight loss plan, but can also lead to other health issues.

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