Weight loss inspirations to shed those extra kilos


Weight loss journey is one of the toughest journeys one tends take to stay fit. From celebs to common people, everybody has their own share of struggles, but the achievement feels equally nice. If you are looking for some inspiration to lose those extra kilos, here are some tips and first hand accounts to guide you.

‘Making these 3 changes helped me lose 61 kgs’ Healthy Lifestyle: Happy woman sees weight loss. Clothes are now too big, down a jean size. After battling with weight issues for years, a woman committed to a consistent workout routine and the keto lifestyle. She lost over 61 kgs. Read more.

Shweta Tiwari reveals healthy diet helped her shed 10 kgs. Here’s what she ate Television actor Shweta Tiwari recently took to Instagram to share an emotional post on her weight loss journey. Read more.

Weight loss tips you should never listen to

Looking to shed some pounds? Here’s what not to do. Experts urge you to avoid these unhealthy weight loss tips as you try to slim down and tone up.

The 5 best weight loss tips if you’re over 40

‘Fittest woman on Earth’ reveals her diet Every day is different for CrossFit champ Tia-Clair Toomey. Whether she has double workouts, is hopping on a plane, or going for a long bike ride, the reigning “Fittest Woman on Earth” (she won the CrossFit games in 2019!) is always on the move. Read more.

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