Weight Loss: Nosh On This High-Protein Peanut Chaat If You Are Dieting (Watch Recipe Video)


The first thing you are asked to do on a weight loss diet is to give up fattening foods and consume healthier foods with high protein content. The cardinal rule applies to not just the three meals of the day but also to in-between-the-meals snacks. This peanut chaat is an excellent option when you get those untimely cravings to nosh. Even though, peanuts contain a considerable amount of calories, many studies suggest that consuming them in moderation might actually be helpful in losing weight. Since peanuts are high in fibre and plant-based proteins, they produce a feeling of satiety and provide ample energy to the body to boost metabolism and help it withstand rigorous workout regime.

Food blogger and YouTuber Manjula Jain shows you how to rustle up this healthy, low-carb snack in minutes! The recipe is based on the assortment of peanuts, tomatoes and cucumbers. A range of spices are used to bring incredible flavours and a dash of lime is added for a tinge of freshness.

Cucumber is another great food that is known to aid weight loss. It is a low-cal vegetable and with its high-water content, keeps the body hydrated. This dish can be had any time as an evening snack with a hot cup of tea or as an appetiser before dinner. If you are going to have people over, put the chaat in small bowls and serve it to your health-conscious guests.

Here’s the recipe video of peanut chaat –

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