Weight loss: Ritualising a time of the day for exercise can help you maintain your lost weight


We all know that exercising is important for maintaining overall health, but it is even more crucial when trying to shed kilos. People try various types of workout routine to lose unwanted fat and tone their body. But a recent study suggests that people who religiously go to the gym at the same of the day are able to maintain their lost weight in a better way.

Either you choose to go to the gym in the evening, morning or afternoon, it is up to you, but the people who are consistent about their timing are able to lose and maintain their weight in a better manner.

The finding was revealed by researchers affiliated with Brown University and was published in the journal Obesity. The focus of this research was not based on how the timing of exercise influences the weight you lose, rather on how following exercise habits is important.

The study
The study was conducted on 375 people, who were able to maintain their lost weight and were engaged in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA). It was observed that most of the people exercised at the same time every day.

Although daybreak was the most popular time for training for weight watchers, people who preferred to workout in the afternoon or evenings were also successful in maintaining their weight.

About 68 percent who were successful in maintaining their weight performed MVPA at the same time of day throughout the week.

The bottom line
The consistency in the timing and weight loss does have some correlation, but it does not guarantee 100 percent success. There are other factors like daily calorie intake, sleep habits, which determines a person’s ability to lose weight and keep it off. When we talk about weight loss, workout is just a piece of a big jigsaw puzzle. More study is required in this direction.

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