Weight loss: This one daily habit can help you lose weight!


Reaching your ideal weight and staying in the shape you so desire makes you happy! When we are trying to concentrate on our weight loss mission, all we concentrate on is following the right kind of diet and exercise. But, in doing so, we often forget one of the most important and underrated sides of it – which is mental peace.

If stress and anxiety make you more prone to gaining weight, guaranteed good peace of mind can help you shed kilos and stay fitter in the longer run. Yes, this is true! Staying happy can help you burn belly fat!

When you experience any kind of stress or undergo a negative situation, the cortisol levels in the body, which regulate the stress levels shoot up and affect your mood and experience the blues. This, in turn, makes you more likely to skip regular workouts, eat comfort foods (which are not always healthy) and give in to our cravings. In the process, the body takes in empty calories which gets deposited as belly fat.

Want to lose weight? Try to stay happy!

According to experts, the real secret to losing weight lies in how happy you feel! Yes, it is easier said than done, it has been scientifically proven that when you are happy, there is a boost of dopamine levels in the body. This, in particular, is very good for weight loss. The body releases endorphins, which stimulate a happy mood and promote a healthy mind and body. While there are no foolproof ways of staying happy all the time, you can practice simple methods to stay happy and alleviate stress levels. It can be something as simple as smiling, which is not just an easy stress buster but also burns upto 10 calories in a minute! Think about it the next time you frown.

Practicing breathing techniques, yoga, meditation all work in benefiting you in the long run and de-stressing you.


The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for a physician’s advice. Please consult your treating physician for more details.

It is not always possible to stay happy and not experience bouts of bad mental health but, there are also some other ways you can contribute to your happiness factor. Eating antioxidant-rich foods, staying hydrated, getting enough hours of sleep every night without fail and practicing digital detox, away from all the gadgets and screens can help you in your mission to stay fit!

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